Choosing Christmas Ornaments around a Theme

Christmas is a special time of year because it’s an opportunity for family and friends to get together to have fun, socialise and meet up after a long period of time. Make choosing your Christmas ornaments part of the event, and you can involve your children or friends in the happy times. If you pick a theme for your decorating, it enables everyone involved to have something to focus on.


Traditional Christmas colours of red, green and white make a great basis for a theme as you can add items such as fresh flowers, leaves and berries to your Christmas ornament stock. Alternatively, you may prefer to go with a gold or silver theme, which can be elegant and festive. Introduce these colours with tinsel, glass balls and garlands, and hang ornaments on your tree, in windows and on your front door.

Bought or Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Whether to buy Christmas ornaments or make them is entirely a matter of personal choice and depends on what your budget can stretch to. Purchase ornaments on specials or sift through your local charity shops, and buy the odd expensive item that matches your theme and which gives your tree a lift.

Handmade Christmas ornaments often hold great sentimental value as they may be items from your own childhood, that your adult children made when they were in kindergarten, or pieces that were recently made by your kids or grandchildren. Christmas is often a time of fond memories or remembering those who are far away, so ornaments that were carefully crafted add to the festive season. If this is the case, make your theme one that brings to mind each member of your family.

Choosing Christmas ornaments around a theme adds to the enjoyment of the season, so make your plans and go for it. Looking for Ornaments? Check for the latest offerings.

Christmas Tree Shop

Six weeks before Christmas the signs start to appear, hand painted with a childlike naivety, images of triangular trees and arrows, or the words ‘Trees, 50 yards on left.’ No more is needed, the message is clear; the Christmas tree shops have arrived and are ready for business. They can appear wherever space is available, disused garage forecourts are a favourite as the awnings supply a bit of shelter, but any vacant plot of land with easy access and nearby parking will suffice. The more entrepreneurial will branch out with holly wreaths, mistletoe and lumps of wood cobbled together that vaguely resemble reindeer.

Most Christmas trees are harvested from early to mid November so do not be afraid to buy early; it actually means you will have the pick of the crop, rather than the leftovers. They survive quite happily outside, away from central heating, until you are ready to bring them in and decorate them. Trees that arrive on the market last minute are the ones that shed their needles, and even if they stay on until Christmas you will still be vacuuming them up at Easter. It is best to select a tree before it is netted, so that you can see that it is well balanced and the branches evenly spaced.Generally, these pop-up Christmas tree shops will offer cheaper prices than the retail chains that have to pay rent and rates but beware of offers that sound too good to be true. Christmas tree theft from farms and plantations has been growing in recent years and cheap trees provide a fast turn around and a swift getaway. Trees have even gone missing from parks, care homes and churches, definitely not what the Christmas spirit is all about.